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Waste to Wealth and Environmental Health

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A 4000 year old practice to combat climate change and enhance agricultural productivity in pursuit of a greener and healthier planet for generations to come.

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Our Mission

Echo Tech Carbon is a team of professionals, including a sustainable agriculture farmer, an industrial builder, engineers, and agricultural experts, who are dedicated to solving the problem of burned and landfilled bio waste streams. The team converts crop waste and landfill residue into valuable soil amendments and building materials, while also reducing CO₂ emissions and addressing waste management issues.
The team's goal is to provide innovative and sustainable solutions fo stake holders that seek to reduce their CO₂ emissions while contributing to community development and waste management. Echo Tech Carbon specializes in producing Biochar, a stable and carbon-rich material that has numerous applications, such as soil amendment, construction materials, water filtration, food additives for livestock, and land reclamation.
Echo Tech Carbon's production process involves pyrolysis, which decomposes biomass in a low-oxygen environment to produce Biochar with high carbon content. One ton of Biochar can store in excess of to 2x its weight in CO₂. Thus, the production of 1 ton of Biochar can help to store 2.5 tons of CO₂, making it a valuable tool in promoting sustainability and achieving net-zero emissions

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Waste to Wealth

Echo Tech Carbon, our current method of biochar production is fine for soil remediation yet needs to be scaled up and done in an environmentally sound way. Using methodologies and processing according to governance set out by established methodologies. The European Bio Char Certification, IBI, Puro.Earth and CarbonFuture and Verra.

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"Big results require big ambitions"-Heraclitus-

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Working Together

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