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Welcome to EchoTech Carbon Corporation

A 4000 yr old practice that can be used to trap gigaton scale co2, 1 ton of biochar can store 2.5 tons of Co2, current pricing of verified carbon offsets in the European market is 75 to 180 euros. Project dependent.

A Canadian start-up Echo Tech Carbon Corporation, proposes a relationship between private foreign investment and the Ugandan Government to encourage sustainable agriculture and community development.
A genuinely equitable partnership is one in which this Canadian clean energy and sustainable agriculture company and the Ugandan government’s support can realize actual participation towards goals set out and agreed upon under the Paris Climate Agreement.

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Our Story

How We Got Here

We’re a team of entrepreneurs and engineers applying technology to an ancient method of sustainable agriculture with the co benefit of locking up and storing carbon for 100 years. We provide smart solutions for companies looking to not only offset there carbon footprint through co2 reduction and removal but the added benefit of contributing to community development and sustainable agriculture.

The investment case for Biochar: A journey towards enhanced sustainability & net-zero emissions. 

Biochar is a stable, carbon-rich solid material that is primarily used as a natural soil amendment, while other uses are proliferating in construction
materials, water filtration, food additives for livestock, odor absorbent, etc.
Its produced through a process called pyrolysis which performs the thermal decomposition of biomass in a low oxygen environment. The result is a biochar that contains carbon, upwards of 2x its weight, 1 ton biochar produced under ideal conditions equates to 2.5 tons Co2 stored.

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Our Innovative Technology

The Possibilities Are Endless

Echo Tech Carbon Corporation, our current method of biochar production is fine for soil remediation and yet can be scaled up and done in an environmental sound way that meets current established methodologies set out by The European Bio Char Certification, Puro.Earth and CarbonFuture protocols. The same prtotocols being adopted by large corporate interests with a mandate to reduce and manage there co2 footprint. One of these methods is through carbon offsets ascertained from biochar initiatives. Technological solutions provided by advanced pyrolysis technology is leading the industry towards gigaton scale co2 reduction. Our platform has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to help companies ensure they are receiving carbon offsets that meet verified standards and in fact represent metric tons of co2 removed.

Biochar is created using a process called pyrolysis. Organic waste burned in the presence of little or no oxygen, yielding oil, synthetic gas (known as syngas), and a solid residue resembling charcoal. In fact, it is charcoal, except that the point is not to burn it, but to bury it. The pyrolysis process can be tweaked, with “slow pyrolysis” yielding more biochar and less oil and gas, and a faster version — seconds rather than hours or days — lowering the biochar product and upping the bio-energy side of the equation. In some systems, the syngas and oil can actually be used as a fuel to run the pyrolysis reaction, meaning it requires no external energy source beyond the organic waste itself.

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Echo Tech carbon corp intends to scale operations to 100,000 tons sunk co2 annually through the installation of advanced pyrolysis technology and are strategic partnership with CarbonFuture and Puro.Earth as carbon markets demand high permanence and credible carbon sink projects.

"Big results require big ambitions"-Heraclitus-

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Our Team

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Kurtis Schmidt

Founder- Director

We wouldn’t be able to take Echo Tech Carbon Corporation to the next level of carbon sequestration without a future focused entrepreneur like Kurtis whose operational experience in Africa is paramount to this projects success.
His experience encompasses multiple agricultural businesses across continental trade jurisdictions often working within difficult and time sensitive projects.
Previous to Mr. Schmidt’s founding of Echo Tech Carbon Corporation, Mr. Schmidt’s focus on agriculture projects in Jordan from 2014 to 2018 included processing genus Capsicum crop varieties used in pharmaceutical and defense industries in heavily regulated markets through the EPA, FDA, Health Canada, PMRA North America.
With an ability to navigate complex industries. His work also led him to sourcing industrial scale processing equipment while developing proprietary operating parameters for his defense and pharmaceutical contracts.
Current operations within Uganda include growing on 150 acres employing 170 -190 domestic workers, plans to expand to 500 acres then to 1000 acres by 2023 providing jobs and community outreach for up-wards of 1200 Ugandan workers.
This has been accomplished despite very difficult global operating parameters including the Covid lock down and a locust invasion the worst seen in 100 years.

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Tom Miles

Technical Advisor

Tom is interested in the thermal conversion of biomass for beneficial use. He has expertise in the transformation of ash in wood, straws, stalks, and manures. T. R. Miles, Technical Consultants, Inc., Portland, Oregon, sponsors and hosts internet discussions on biomass energy and biochar. He is on the board of the US Biochar Initiative and a coordinator of the Pacific Northwest Biochar Working Group. He designs systems for biomass processing and handling including densification, carbonization, gasification, power generation, and residue and nutrient management including biochar and composting.

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Stephen Joseph

Technical Advisor

Stephen Joseph holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Metallurgical Engineering and a doctorate in Architecture and Applied Anthropology. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Energy, a chartered engineer and has been a senior adviser to both commercial, government and non-government organizations, in renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture and forestry.
Stephen has extensive experience worldwide in all forms of renewable energy including biodiesel, oil from algae, biomass combustion, pyrolysis and gasification plant, biochar, plastic wood composite, microhydro, wind and solar energy additives for high strength concretes.
He has also been involved in multi-country market research into areas related to biochar, waste recycling and renewable energy. He has written over 150 books and articles and lectured and trained other engineers and scientists throughout the world. He was the founding vice chairman of the International Biochar Initiative and co-editor with Dr. Johannes Lehmann of Biochar for Environmental Management. Stephen has been awarded an Order of Australia for services to the Renewable Energy and Biochar industry. He is a director of the Australian NZ biochar industry group.

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Cathy Nurmi

Strategic Business Development

With over 20 years of executive level experience in the insurance and healthcare industries, as well as experience in leading entrepreneurs to exponential business growth, Cathy brings strengths in strategy, operational excellence, revenue enablement, and leadership development. She currently sits on the board of directors for the Pacific Blue Cross Health Foundation.

 Cathy holds an MBA Hons, Leading Innovation & Change from York St. John University and is currently working on her Master's thesis in MSc International Business with a focus on shared value strategies for MNE's.

Expertise: Operational and Revenue Enablement excellence, Innovation Leadership, and Business Transformation strategies.

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 Roland Siemons

Engineer Technical Advisor

Roland joins Echo Tech Carbon Corp with years of field experience and technical expertise, intricate to the successful deployment of first in class pyrolysis technology to are projects in rural agricultural regions.
Roland Siemons completed his mechanical engineering studies at the University of Twente in 1984. With his role in sustainable energy from biomass, Roland is an authority on the production of biochar and has been involved in numerous international projects in Sudan, Egypt, Mali, and Uganda, he’s traveled the world as an advisor on energy development programmes for the World Bank. He has worked in project development for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and the Netherlands’ Directorate-General for International Cooperation. His research into technological innovations for the generation of energy from biomass has been published extensively in numerous science and technology journals as well as been demonstrated in field settings.
In 2002 Roland obtained a doctorate in Economics. In 2005 he started CleanFuels B.V., a sustainable energy engineering company developing carbonization and pyrolysis technologies.

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If you're active in biochar, carbon sequestration, bio energy systems and carbon credit markets, get in touch.

 Uganda, Africa-Vancouver, Canada

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